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Botanical-192_Popham_Bee balm 2_20201210.jpg
Botanical-192_Popham_Bee balm 2_20201210.jpg

Elizabeth Popham
Fine Art

I am a painter and photographer based in Peterborough, Ontario. Looking out to the horizon in this beautiful place, so full of lakes and waterways, forests and farms, is a gift to any artist. But I tend to focus on the beauty that resides along the edge of the trail, remembering William Blake’s hope that we continue “to see heaven in a wildflower, and eternity in a grain of sand.”


Whether working on botanical studies, portraiture, life drawing or landscapes – and whether striving for high realist detail or abstraction – I am drawn to the elegance of shape and line. My favourite subjects could be called “micro-landscapes” or “natural abstracts.”

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